Monday, April 18, 2016

Programming, Performance, and Games!

This new venue is shaping up to be awesome for us. We now have space for a gaming/con suite area. Since the hotel lets us bring our own food, we'll be able to have refreshments there.

Just outside the event area is an outdoor green space that we can have outdoor presentations and performances.

We have over 30 panelists and performers who will be providing three tracks of programming.

There is even talk of a 3 foot tall Koalid balloon statue. But that's only a rumor.

Don't wait, pre-register now! When you pre-register, we take that money and use it to bring in even more awesome performers and cool stuff, so don't wait. Do it now!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ro-Con Has Moved to Awesomer Lands!

Ro-Con was previously scheduled at be at the Holiday Inn New London, but we have moved right down the road to the Ramada in Mystic. It's just as much space, a similar room rate, and a much better deal from the hotel allowing us to do more awesome things!

Rooms are only $159/night, which is an absolutely amazing rate to get in Mystic in July. To get this rate, register by phone at 860-980-3160 and use the group code Ro-Con.