Thank you for your interest in vending at Ro-Con. At Ro-Con, we strive to have a diversity of excellent vendors. We primarily focus on vendors who produce their own goods with a focus on artisans local to Connecticut, but we are also open to vendors who sell other goods. Because of our effort to  have diverse goods, we reserve the right to limit which vendors we accept. However, we accept vendors on a rolling, first come,  first paid, first accepted basis, so apply early.

This form is to apply for both vending as well as sponsorship. While the primary factors for acceptance are uniqueness and  appropriateness of your products, committed sponsorships also weigh into the process.

Vending will take place in the common space of Innovate Hartford. This space is accessible 24 hours per day, so vendors may set their own hours. There will be a limited amount of secure storage available, but the exact details are to be determined.

Each vendor slot 10'x10'. Tables and chairs will be available, but the exact details on furniture is not yet available as the space is being built out this spring. A slot is $100 and include 4 transferable admissions which can be used, traded, sold or put to any use the vendor sees fit. Two vendors may share a slot, and a single vendor may choose to purchase multiple slots.

Once accepted and paid, vending fees are non-refundable. Vendor is responsible for their CT sales tax at Ro-Con.