Programming is the core of Ro-Con. This event is all about people coming together to share ideas, be informed, entertained, and enriched.

Below is partial schedule of programming for the Ro-Laxicon

Noon - Video Game Development
Jacki Jacob's Photography and EDI Games will be running a panel on video game development, included in our panel is a game programmer and indie game developer, an audio recording artist and voice actor, a graphic artist and a writer and photo artist. They will be presenting a panel answering all the common asked questions about game development and how one can get involved in the indie development scene. They will also be entertaining questions from the audience. Come check it out!

2:00 PM - Phoenix Swords
A demonstration of historical sword technique and information by the esteemed Phoenix Swords.

3:00 PM - Adaptations by Nick Checker
From one medium to another, whether you converting a book to a movie or a graphic novel to a book, there is an art and a science to converting a story. Join writing expert Nick Checker in a hands on workshop where you will convert a screenplay to a novel, and a short story into a stage play then a novel.

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