Programming is the core of Ro-Con. This event is all about people coming together to share ideas, be informed, entertained, and enriched. There are a variety of formats that the programming will take. Due to the nature of the space, we will have a large proportion of round-table and small group presentations and workshops, which should work very well because that is how much of the programming has worked at Ro-Con and Pi-Con before it.

Programming participants will receive free admission to Ro-Con as long as they participate in at least three panels, or run one workshop, presentation, performance, or role playing game session.

Types of Programming

Ro-Con programming will have a variety of formats.

This is the four or so folks behind a table, holding forth and discussing a topic before an audience. While audience questions are welcome, this is primarily a discussion which the audience watches.

This is similar to a panel except that everyone is involved in the discussion. Roundtables will take place in the boardroom-style room and will generally be limited to about 12-15 participants. A program participant leads the discussion, but all of part of it.

This type of program item tends to be a bit more directed than a panel. One presenter provides a planned presentation on a topic in their expertise.

A workshop is an interactive form of presentation. Instead of just listening to the presentation, in a workshop, the audience is learning and doing something hands on.

Music, comedy, magic, and more. Talented performers will be plying their trade at Ro-Con.

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